As the decades pass by, the evil Lady V – who managed to came back from the dead by drinking the blood of her dark prince – is plotting something which will make her even more powerful than she was before.

According to an old legend, there is a secret spell which will make a vampire invincible after drinking the pure blood of an innocent. Through the years, Lady V has managed to get her evil hands on this valued spell. Now it’s time to practice that on which she has been waiting for.

It looks like Lady V’s beautiful servant has found an innocent. Lady V is pleased. Now, let’s prepare for the ritual!

Lady V performs the Invincible Protection Ceremonie to invoke the blessings of ancient vampires. In just a few minutes she will become the most powerful vampire ever lived. She will become invincible.

The blood is the life!

Fotografie: Rick van Wijnen Fotografie
MUA: Lady Elisa V.
Co-model: Tilottama 26 & Nirinya Pinto