The vampire queen is back… and, thanks to the blood sacrifice of her dark prince, she is stronger than ever. She’s standing in the window, thinking about what happend that fateful night. How was it possible the mighty queen lost the fight with warrior princess Marion

Everything is coming back to her now. And the memories are making the vampire queen furious. She begins to scream and shriek; not in ecstasy, but terror and rage.

The dark prince heard her dreadful scream and rushed into the room. “What’s happening, my queen? What’s wrong?” he asks.

The dark prince tries to calm the evil vampire queen down, but she looks at him coldly. She is just so full of anger.

The dark prince knows better than to argue with the evil queen. And, as her faithful servant, he can only support her in her devious ways.

“Revenge!” Lady V’s scream was loud as thunder.

Fotografie: RoKo Foto
MUA: Katarzyna Hobbelen
Co-model: Marty