Always on the run for vampire hunters, the evil vampire queen flee away to her castle, deep in the dark forest of Heusden, far away from her beloved dark prince. Her she is enjoying a cup of fresh blood to get strength. She has got a strange feeling about upcoming night.

It seems her feeling was right. Even in her own castle she isn’t safe for vampire hunters. Meet Lady V’s longtime enemy: warrior princess Marion… and she has found her target.

The warrior princess has pound a pact with the Dagon Girls. They are coming to defeat the evil queen once and for all. But the evil queen doesn’t give up so easily.

Lady V is hurt. She’s driven into the corner by Marion. Will the end of the vampire clan be near? Will Lady V ever see her dark prince again?

Is this really the end of vampire queen Lady V?

Fotografie: RoKo Foto
MUA: YP Visagie
Co-models: Marion & Dragon Girls