The vampire queen spotted her victim. The poor guy, if only he knew!

Their paths cross. Does he stand a chance against the powerful vampire queen?

Seduction is the weapon of choice

She attacks…

He fights back…

But there’s no use of fighting the dark vampire queen Lady V… “You’re mine!”, she screams with a face of anger. He’s getting weaker. Then at last he falls down, first to his knees, then onto his side.

Her kiss can steal your breath away and become the last one in your life. At first it will be a little bit painful, but then you will obtain the other form of being, you will become the vampire. Your life will change and become the other one full of night mares and creepy silence.

The bloodlust! But, she’s not going to drain the life out of him. She’s going to turn him into her dark prince and take him back to her Dark Kingdom.

Fotografie: Frivonz
MUA: YP Visagie
Co-model: Marty