Now, if you are wondering, how come we can’t just cross the forest? Well, let me tell you…

It tells the story of a 1,500-year-old vampire queen named Lady V, living in the dark forest of Beesd in The Netherlands. Seeking for innocent souls for quenching her blood thirst and enlarging her vampire clan.

She goes into into the smell of blood and you never knows when she will find you. She will never let off her prey. The cold-blooded creature that is emotionless and lacks the feeling of compassion. She attracts everyone on her pace and takes life away with the blood.

She is not only in our nightmares, she hides in the dark corners of the dark forest, in the silence of nights and gaze at you waiting for the right moment to attack.

She is the queen of all vampires. The strength is seen even in her cold eyes. Her soul is black as the raven’s wing and spotted with so many deadly sins. Nobody knows whether she is dead or alive. She is a vampire and it speaks for itself.
Her vampire appearance is a creepy one. This blood on her lips look like the fresh one and it seems that it was running in somebody’s veins a minute ago.

Fotografie: RiSK Photography
MUA: YP Visagie