As loyal as he is, the dark prince followed his queen to her castle, deep in the dark forest of Heusden. When he arrives, he finds Lady V lying face-down on the ground in a pool of blood, looking dead. Did he arrive too late?

Shocked at the sight of his queen lying lifeless on the ground, the dark prince rushes over to Lady V to check for any signs of life. His queen is badly hurt and barely alive. There’s still hope!

The dark prince knows how to save Lady V. There’s no time to waste! He picks up the lifeless body of his vampire queen and carries her to the castle cellar.

“You will be alright soon, my queen! Don’t you worry, I will take care of you.”

The dark prince is willing to do whatever he needs to do to save Lady V, and prepares himself to perform a ritual which will bring his queen back to her full strength, and perhaps stronger than ever!

According to legend, the blood of the dark prince will save Lady V. With no trace of hesitation, he takes his knife and cuts his wrist… not too deep, but deep enough to draw blood.

Blood is dripping from his right wrist. He helds his wrist above the cup and let drops of blood drip into it.

Carefully, the dark prince lifted Lady V into his arms. “Drink, my queen”, he whispered calmly, while he slowly lets the blood flow into her mouth.

The vampire opens her eyes. The dark prince is glad she is back. “Welcome back, my queen”, he says softly.

Fotografie: RoKo Foto
MUA: Katarzyna Hobbelen
Co-model: Marty