I receive a lot of questions from readers. Many of the questions are the same. Here I am compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions about me, so you can get all your answers in one place.

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact me.

My published model photos are the results of the hard work of my photographer and I. They are a representation of both of our brands and are finished the way they are. Please respect the work that my photographer and I put into these photos and never edit my photos.

No. I love wearing corsets, but I don't do it everyday and I am not doing "corset-training".

Yes. Because of modeling is one of my hobbies, I mostly work on a TFP base.

Yes, my long hair is real. However, I visit the hair salon on a regular base for a color and cut.

Music and bands:
I am a proud metalhead. My all-time-favorite bands are Volbeat, Nightwish and Evanescence.


Movies and tv-shows:
I am addicted to vampire stuff and I watch basically every movie or tv serie about it. I am also a huge fan of horror movies. But, I don't like the splatter stuff though. I am more into the scary (ghost) stories.


About books:
My favourite author is Stephen King. Just love his work!

I am from The Netherlands. At the moment I live in Beesd, which a is a small town in the Dutch province of Gelderland.

I started modelling in 2011. I always loved taking pictures with friends and one day I decided to attend a photo shooting event in The Netherlands. It really was a great experience and the results were quite awesome. This made me decided to start modeling as a hobby.