Je bekijkt nu #MeFact: Roses Are My Favourite Flowers

#MeFact: Roses Are My Favourite Flowers

Today, 7th February, is Rose Day. The perfect day to talk about my favorite flower: the rose. In my opinion, the rose is the most graceful and fragrant flower in the world. Have you ever touched a rose? How smooth and soft it is.

Roses are the ultimate flower for expression of emotion or feeling. They work as metaphors in poems and silent words in love stories. As a gift, these flowers can convey different meanings if the person receiving them knows the symbolism attached to the various colors. Their color palette goes from white to yellow, pink, red and even black. Also, a lot of bi-colored varieties are available. Of all those beautiful colors, I like red rose the most. They are classic, beautiful, timeless and elegant.

Because of their unique combination of thorny stems — which, by the way, protects them from being eaten by animals who might be attracted to them due to their sweet fragrance — and fragrant blossoms, roses are often prized a symbol of achievement, completion and perfection. After having met the long stems with the thorns, you are rewarded with a flower of great beauty and mesmerizing fragrance. In other words, roses act as a metaphor for life: after overcoming difficulty, you will find inner harmony, union, and happiness.

Rose meanings have fascinated almost every culture for centuries and are used to offer as gifts to someone you love and respect. They are mostly given for special occasions, like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or Mother’s Day. But, did you know there are even special days of celebration where roses become the main characters?

  • 7 February – Rose Day: the day marks the beginning of Valentine’s week. The day is often celebrated by gifting roses to your loved ones.
  • 12 June – Red Rose Day (US): the day honors the flower that is a symbol of love and romance, the red rose. The rose is also the June birth flower. 
  • 22 September – World Rose Day: this day is dedicated to cancer patients all across the globe. The purpose of celebrating this day is to bring happiness and hope in their lives, and to remind them that they are not alone in this battle.

A rose and its beauty are evident and undeniable, so why not get inked? I already have several tattoos that incorporates a rose design. In my opinion the traditional rose tattoo will never go out of style. While tattoos are unique to each person whose body they adorn, a rose tattoo is always a heavy duty tattoo. After all, it symbolizes the mysticism, passion, and devotion of the most powerful force in the Universe.

“There is simply the rose;
it is perfect in every moment of its existence.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson